Monoblocc Monitor Rig Transforms the VESA Mount into an All-in-One Dock to Hold Your Webcam, Mic, Lights, and More

VESA mounts are great, standardizing the way TVs and monitors are mounted, so you can use the same display stands, monitor arms, and wall mounts for every display panel you end up using. Just imagine all the wasted display stands and arms you will have in the attic if each one used their own proprietary standard. Yeah, that would have been a nightmare. The Monoblocc Monitor Rig takes the standard VESA mount and makes it an even more versatile tool.

Like standard VESA mounts, this can connect to the back of any VESA-compatible TVs and monitors, allowing you to use it to mount your displays anywhere you want. Unlike them, it’s meant to take additional connections that allow you to use the same mount to hold your USB microphone, desktop lighting, 4K webcam, and other accessories.

The Monoblocc Monitor Rig is, basically, a three-dimensional VESA mount. Instead of a single sheet plate like standard ones, it has individual VESA plates both front and back, as well as sides that measure about an inch in thickness. The idea is you will attach the rear VESA plate to your monitor arm or stand, then attach the front VESA plate to the display panel, so you can use any VESA-compatible displays and accessories the way you normally do. In case your monitor has a recessed VESA mount, you can also use two of these plates, one on the display and one on the monitor arm, then connect them using the outfit’s supplied fasteners.

Along the sides of the mount are holes designed to take the outfit’s rods, at the end of which you can attach tripod heads for mounting your accessories. The rods, by the way, comes in 15cm, 20cm and 25cm lengths, while extension rods that can be attach to them measuring 5cm and 10cm are also available. For heavier devices such as cameras, you can combine two rods using a clamp, then attach the outfit’s articulated arm with a tripod head at the end for mounting the device, ensuring the setup will be able the extra heft.

The Monoblocc Monitor Rig comes with three holes on each side, although the angle of the holes will depend on which style you opt to get. Some sides position the holes so that any rods you place inside all sit parallel to each other, while other sides do it such that the middle hole is at a 90-degree angle while the holes to either side sit at a 45-degree angle. The idea is the parallel sides allow you to install the dual rod setups for heavier accessories, while the angled sides ensure the rods get separation, so your devices can sit at a comfortable distance from each other. You can get the plate with either two, one, or none of the angled sides.

Suffice to say, it’s a clever solution that turns the VESA plate into an all-in-one mount. It’s such a good design, in fact, that you can use it to turn a single arm into a mount for all your desk accessories, even if you don’t plan to install an actual monitor on it.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Monoblocc Monitor Rig. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $109.

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