The Best Ergonomic Keyboards For Everyday Typing Comfort

If you spend a good chunk of your workday typing on a keyboard, it doesn’t take long to realize that comfort is of crucial importance. An uncomfortable keyboard can dictate how fast and accurately you type, which will, in turn, affect how productive and efficient you can actually be. Worse comes to worst, poor keyboard ergonomics can lead to developing musculoskeletal disorders, leaving you with weakness, numbness, and pain in the hands, wrists, and arms. Yeah, it’s not fun.

That’s why keyboard ergonomics is such an important quality in your choice of typing peripherals. While rectangular and flat keyboards work well enough for most people, those who need better ergonomics will require more sophisticated designs that take hand posture, finger travel, and similar elements to consideration. Fortunately, there’s a good number of ergonomic keyboards out there specifically engineered to put your wrists and hands in the most ideal positions, giving you viable alternatives to the flat and rectangular slabs we spend our days typing on.

Just like you avoid neck strain by using ergonomic monitor arms or ergonomic laptop stands, you can minimize muscle strain on the hands and wrists by switching to an ergonomic keyboard. Yes, many ergonomic keyboards look weird with their curves, splits and unusual layouts. Don’t be put off. Once you learn your way around them, the switch can lead to not just improvements in productivity and efficiency, but in the overall well-being of your upper extremities.

These are the best ergonomic keyboards for everyday typing comfort.

Logitech K350

Want good keyboard ergonomics, don’t like playing premium for a PC keyboard? Maybe this affordable ergonomic keyboard will do the trick. It has a standard keyboard layout instead of the split one used by many ergonomic designs, so there should be less of a learning curve here, although it arranges them at varying heights such that each key flows naturally to the key next to it, creating a curved layout that can help guide your hands into the proper position. While we know some people who swear by this keyboard, we can’t really recommend it over split options, which we find to be extremely more comfortable. It’s definitely worth trying how well you can work with something like this, as it is a pretty good peripheral, especially with all the extra customizable buttons available on the top and left side.

Kensington Pro Fit

If you want a split wireless keyboard at the most economical price, this ergonomic keyboard just might be your best option. Seriously, it’s highly affordable, all while incorporating the split layout and sloped shape that makes ergonomic keyboards so comfortable for so many people. This should be especially attractive to folks who want a less dramatic slope for their split keyboards, as it makes for a less jarring change than some options here. We also appreciate the included palm rest, modern chiclet-style keys, and spill-proof design, so messy users don’t have to worry about being clumsy around their drinks. It has no backlighting, though, which could be a dealbreaker for some.

Perixx Periboard

Want an ergonomic keyboard with split keys, big slope, and lots of extra buttons? Here you go. We love its split layout that puts your hands in a comfortable position, while a domed shape forces your wrist to take on a more natural angle, so you get all the benefits of much more expensive keyboard models. There’s an integrated palm rest, too, to provide support, which is necessary when working with keys at these kinds of angled positions. If you’re a fan of conventional key shapes, you’ll love that they use traditional keys here, which comes with laser-printed symbols, so it won’t simply fade away like traditional prints over a short period of time. This is a massive keyboard, by the way. Not only is it a split keyboard with a palm rest, full arrow keys, and a number pad, it also incorporates multimedia keys on top, so you’ll probably only want to get this if you have the space on your desk to accommodate it. It’s available in both wired and wireless models.

Microsoft Sculpt

Is this the best ergonomic keyboard available today? Some people seem to think so. The point is hard to argue, as this Bluetooth keyboard’s split design forces your wrists into a natural angled position that you can keep them on for long hours without any discomfort, while the domed shape, fingertip-shaped keys, and shorter travel allows you to reach for any key comfortably without any strain. We love the smooth keypresses it requires, although some may be put off by the fact that the keys don’t press deep enough the way other keyboards do. Yeah, that last one definitely takes a bit of getting used to. It also comes with a cushioned palm rest that matches the keyboard’s shape, as well as a separate flat number pad, in case you need one for typing endless streams of numbers.

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Blue

This ergonomic keyboard keeps things a tad simpler than most split designs. They, literally, just split a tenkeyless keyboard in half and connected them using a cable. This design allows you to customize the exact position and angle for each half of the keyboard, which makes it amazing for folks who like being able to tailor the typing experience as much as they want. However, Kinesis chose to steer clear of the curved shapes of many ergonomic keyboards and, truth be told, we didn’t mind. We still found it incredibly comfortable to use, especially once you deploy the legs that can tilt it at either 5, 10, or 15 degrees to keep your wrist at a comfortable angle. The best part? When someone who prefers a flat, rectangular keyboard uses your PC, you can just bring each half close together, so they can work the way they want. Nice. Do note, the legs and the wrist rest are all available as a separate bundle from the keyboard, so you’ll have to buy that in order the get the full range of features it has on offer.

Logitech Ergo K860

We love the fact that Logitech keeps the keyboard intact as a single unit despite the split layout, even keeping the number pad onboard instead of separating it. The split and curved design of this ergonomic keyboard offers exceptional typing comfort, although most folks will probably encounter a bit of a learning curve with the dramatic change in hand position (it has a pretty drastic curve). It’s worth it, though, as this keyboard does a remarkable job of managing user ergonomics, keeping your shoulders relaxed, your arms straightened, and your wrists at the right angle the entire time you’re working on it. Naturally, it also comes with an attached palm and wrist rest that includes a unique angle adjustment, allowing you to set it to 0, -4, or -7 degrees to dial in the most comfortable typing posture.

Kinesis Advantage 2

Want to make the ultimate ergonomic keyboard splurge? Walk yourself around these parts, where you will find a massive keyboard that looks like it houses a full computer inside. Seriously. Just look at that thing. It has a patented design that splits each half far apart and puts them in a concave shape that’s tented at 20 degrees to put your forearm and wrist in a natural position. How far apart are they? Well, they’re so far apart, they put screen controls in between each half at an angle where they are fully accessible via thumbs, creating an efficient-looking layout that you’re going to have to learn a bit before you can be fully comfortable using. It’s worth taking the time to learn, though, as this is incredibly ergonomic with a very thoughtful layout. Features include Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches, QWERTY and Dvorak modes, on-the-fly macro recording, one-touch remapping, and onboard memory for settings. On the downside, we’re not quite sure how to about cleaning this keyboard, so good luck with that.

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