The Best Wireless Keyboards To Help Boost Your Productivity

If you’re looking to streamline your desk setup, the keyboard is one of the most important places to start. And wires are the first thing you should get rid of. Switching to a wireless keyboard just reduces clutter immediately, all while eliminating those occasional accidents where your cable inadvertently tips your coffee mug over. Yep, it’s a mess.

Whether you’re answering emails, typing a report, or working exotic formulas on Excel, a good wireless keyboard can make the difference between a frustrating time and a productive workday. But what makes a good wireless keyboard? Well, there are several things to keep in mind. Everyone should prioritize keyboards that can maintain a reliable connection, so everything appears immediately onscreen, which can really help reduce errors and improve typing speed. Responsiveness is also important, as no one wants to feel like they’re working on a typewriter straight out of 1985, while good ergonomics can help prevent fatigue and strain, especially if you tend to type for long periods in one sitting. There are other features to consider, of course, from the type of switches and key layout to backlighting and macro support, any of which can matter more to you based on how you use a keyboard throughout your workday.

These are the best wireless keyboards to help with your productivity.

Logitech K380

Easily one of the best value in PC keyboards, this compact model comes with the ability to pair with up to three devices over Bluetooth, easily switching between them using the yellow (or white, depending on the color of keyboard you buy) keys on the top left hand corner. It even supports Logitech’s cross-computer feature which lets you type, copy, and paste between multiple computers, all while being compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and even Apple TV. Best of all, you get all that for an inexpensive price.

It uses round flat keys that feel comfortable enough to type on, with a laptop-like layout that takes up a limited amount of space on your desk, so you get a lot more room to move your mouse. Despite the compact size, it surprisingly doesn’t feel cramped, making it really easy to get used to typing on. Sadly, there’s no built-in stand, so you’ll either have to use it flat on the desk or add some supports in the back to get a good typing angle.

Keychron K3 (Version 2)

This wireless mechanical keyboard has a 75 percent tenkeyless layout that makes it compact enough to fit in small desks, while sporting full-size keys and excellent travel. It’s available with three options in switches, namely brown, blue, and red, which are tactile, clicky, and linear, respectively. Typing on the keyboard is very satisfying, making it a great choice for folks who prefer typing with plenty of tactile feedback, while slides in the rear allow you to tilt it at either six or nine degrees for a more comfortable typing angle. The Keychron switches here are actually hot-swappable as none of them are soldered, so you can play around with different switches if you like geeking out on keyboards that way.

Housed in a unique build that combines aluminum on top and plastic at the bottom, it achieves a good balance of light weight and durability. It can also connect with up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time, allowing you to switch to different machines at the push of a button. Features include white LED backlighting, a built-in 1550 mAh battery (rated at up to 34 hours), and a Mac layout that also works seamlessly with Windows machines.

Razer Pro Type Ultra

Don’t let its stuffy, boring looks fool you – this is one of the best wireless keyboards for workspaces. Underneath those sculpted keycaps are Razer Yellow mechanical switches, which deliver a linear rather than tactile feel and a sound that’s still clicky but muffled by an integrated sound-dampening foam. Basically, it’s a bit quieter than your typical mechanical keyboard, but it still makes a ruckus, especially if type with a bit of fervent force. It has a cushioned support that perfectly aligns your wrist with the keyboard, while a pair of slides in the back allow you to tilt it at one of two slight angles.

The keyboard comes with Bluetooth, as well as a USB dongle, so you get two options for wireless connectivity. Even better, it can pair with up to four devices at the same time, allowing you to switch between a quartet of machines at the push of a button. There’s integrated backlighting, complete with options to control the brightness, so you can keep it low to save battery life or turn up the brightness if that’s not a concern. Do note, turning it to the highest setting drains the battery life severely, cutting down its operating life to 13 hours between charges. With the backlighting turned off, it can run for up to 210 hours straight.

Logitech MX Keys

This full-size wireless keyboard comes with square spherically-dished keys that feel natural to type on, while the well-spaced layout gives you enough room to type comfortably even with bigger hands. We also appreciate the quiet operation, with just the feel of the keys providing feedback, which may or may not be enough for you, depending on your preferences. It only has a slight slope, which puts it mostly flat on the desk, so those who prefer a steeper angle for typing might want to add supports in the rear. Like other full-size keyboards, this is big, taking up plenty of room on your desk, so you’ll need to move the mouse a few inches away.

The keyboard comes with both Bluetooth and a USB transmitter, so you can pair it even with machines without built-in Bluetooth. Even better, the darn thing can pair with up to three devices at the same time, then easily switch among them using the keys above the screen control keys. Features include automatic backlighting (with proximity hand detection), cross-computer control (lets you type the same thing on three machines all at once), and compatibility with a decent number of platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android). Do note, the battery only lasts 10 days with the backlighting turned on, although that extends out to five months when switched off.

Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless RGB

Want a wireless keyboard that’s compact and feature-packed? It rarely gets more feature-packed than this 60 percent mechanical keyboard, which is designed for gaming, but works just as great as a productivity peripheral. The keyboard pairs double-shot PBT key caps with Cherry MX switches, allowing for a satisfying typing experience with that familiar mechanical clicking sound. It’s also amazing at staying in place no matter how hard you hit the keys, courtesy of three rubber grips and two adjustable feet that keep it firmly planted in its position.

Like many keyboards in the category it supports up to three simultaneous wireless connections either via a USB dongle or Bluetooth. Unlike them, it also gets a veritable kitchen sink of features, such as a wildly unnecessary 2,000Hz polling rate for the 2.4GHz connection, 128-bit encryption, individual RGB LEDs per key with the outfit’s 360 LightEdge technology, a replaceable accent bar in the back, an optional radiant space bar (basically, a space bar key with lights on the surface), and up to 200 hours of battery life with the backlighting switched off. Yes, you probably don’t need most of those, but it sure makes your setup a lot more fun to have them.

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